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Pasquali farm tractors

Pasquali was an Italian manufacturer of small-sized machinery that was mostly used for executing works in orchards and farms. The company was conceived in 1949 by Dr Lino Pasquali in Florence, Italy to provide relatively low-cost compact tractors to local customers. The first tractor rolled out of the factory in 1962 and until now the company has produced a total of 44 different tractor models that had powers ranging from 17 to 90 horsepower. This relatively diverse power distribution ensured that Pasquali was able to reach a wide spectrum of clients. Some of the tractor models produced by Pasquali were manufactured in Spain. These models include 462E, 463E and 906. These models, like all others of the brand, featured superior build quality which ensured that the customers loved what they got from the brand. One feature that made Pasquali stand out from the competition was the unique naming mechanism that it adopted in several models. These names had a trendy prefix which was followed by three integers that had a decimal located between them. Some of the prominent tractor models of the company included but were not limited to ERA 3.90, MARS 7.95 and ORION 7.75.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
EOS 5.50AR 45 hp 2003 2013
EOS 6.50RS 45 hp 2003 2013
947 21 hp 1976 1986