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Power King farm tractors

Power King was a tractor manufacturer that began its venture in 1946. It started producing economical tractors right away. However, during the first year of assembly, a total of only 22 tractors were offered to customers. The first model offered by the company was known as the Jim Dandy, which was a small tractor designed to meet the needs and requirements of smaller farmers. The tractor's design was purposefully kept simple in order to keep costs low, making it affordable to a large number of farmers. Throughout its years of operation, the company offered a diverse range of tractor models; however, no advances in tractor technology were made, and thus newer models were only available under different names. The company became famous for using a unique nomenclature mechanism for its tractors, naming the different models as 1612 and 1614, for example, with the prefix representing the tractor's tire size and the latter part of the model name reflecting the horsepower of the engine. Initially, the brand was called “Economy”. However, as the company grew and gained fame, the name Economy which was considered synonymous with lower quality was changed to Power King. The Power King brand also offered a few attachment options that made the jobs of farmers much easier. The company became defunct in 1996 and rarely any Power King tractor can now be seen.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
1214 14 hp 1988 1993
1217 17 hp 1983 1987
1212 12 hp 1982 1990