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Ranch Hand Tractors farm tractors

Ranch Hand Tractors was a US-based company that imported tractors from around the world and offered these products to local customers. It operated from its office based in Chewelah, Washington. It is worth noting that the imported tractors were marketed under the Ranch Hand Tractors brand. This enabled the company to generate instant revenue while utilizing parts and equipment from manufacturers located elsewhere. Even in its heyday, the company had revenue of less than $5 million and thus operated on a small scale. As a result, it was unable to compete with the local and imported tractor manufacturing behemoths that offered a diverse range of cost-effective products. Ranch Hand Tractors therefore could not survive in this cut-throat competition and thus closed its operations within years. A total of 6 models were offered to customers throughout the years of Ranch Hand Tractors’ operations. This meant that the options available to customers were very few and thus the company was unable to set itself apart from several other tractor importers located in the United States. Some of the tractor models offered by the company to its customers included but were not limited to 3402, 4452 and 6452.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
3402 38 hp 1950 1950