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Renault Agriculture farm tractors

Renault agriculture used to be the agricultural machinery manufacturing division of Renault, which is a French automotive manufacturer. The company has its headquarters located in Le Mans, France. Renault was founded in 1898, but it did not begin producing tractors until 1910. The company gained momentum primarily after WW-I when it offered a tractor based on a mechanism developed from a tank produced by the company during the war. After WW-II, Renault came to the limelight after it started producing tractors fulfilling government orders. As a result of the company's diverse experience, it has provided a vast array of options to potential buyers. Renault presented a total of 198 tractor models over the course of its operations. These tractors were available in several series, each to meet the needs of the clients as best as possible, and thus offered power ranging from 20 to 260 horsepower. This huge variation shows that the company had the ability to address the needs of all types of customers regardless of their size. Class acquired Renault’s tractor division in 2004 after which all of the Renault tractors are being produced under the Class branding.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
50-12 LB 44 hp 1987 1998
53 28 hp 1967 1973
55 35 hp 1967 1973