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Rhino farm tractors

Rhino began operations in 1989 by importing Chinese-made Jinma tractors into the United States under its own brand. Because Jinma produces relatively high-quality machines, Rhino was able to establish a brand that was reminiscent of high-end tractors capable of delivering when put to the test. The company's headquarters were located in Woodland, Washington from where it continued to operate for a few initial years. Rhino was acquired by Texas-based Alamo Group Inc. in 1995, just six years after its inception. The Alamo Group was forced to discontinue the Rhino tractor production line in 1999 due to a significant drop in sales. Afterward, a Tennessee based company known as “Farm Boys Tractors” acquired the parts distribution rights from the Alamo Group. Resultantly, very few Rhino tractors are now in an operational state. A total of 28 different tractor models were produced by the company during the entire course of its operations. These tractors varied in power from 16 to 65 horsepower. This meant that the company only focused on compact tractors that targeted small farmers. Some of the tractor models offered by Rhino to its customers included but were not limited to 282, 4134 and 6144.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
1210 18 hp 1995 1999
1212 18 hp 1995 1999
2220 24 hp 1995 1999
2224 24 hp 1995 1999