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RK Tractors farm tractors

RK Tractors was a US-based manufacturer of compact size machines that were marketed and sold by the Rural King stores in the US. Under RK's branding, these were essentially TYM tractors that were imported from China in the form of spare parts and then reassembled in RK's Ohio-based facility. Customers could choose from more than ten tractors ranging in power from 19 to 74 horsepower. This meant that the company was focused on meeting the needs of customers of all sizes. This was one of the factors that enabled RK to enter the US market quickly and compete with well-established competitors. The 19 hp machine was created specifically for small farmers with limited needs and requirements. The extremely low fuel consumption of such a small engine aided these farmers in carrying out their tasks economically. For customers who required larger engines to complete their tasks quickly, the company provided a variety of products that consistently met or exceeded their owners' expectations. Some of the tractor models offered by the company included but were not limited to RK74PSC, RK55SC and RK37H.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
RK19H 19 hp 2017 2023
RK24H 24 hp 2017 2023
RK37S 37 hp 2017 2023