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Rock Island farm tractors

The history of the Rock Island tractor company goes back to 1855 when it was founded in collaboration with the Buford and Tate Company. It is also worth noting that Tate was an early partner of John Deere, which explains why it was well established and had a strong portfolio as a brand capable of meeting the needs of clients of all sizes. Rock Island's expansion continued into the twentieth century, with the company acquiring Heider Tractor in 1923. This cemented the brand's position as one of the industry leaders in its segment. Almost all of Rock Island’s products were distinguished by their high build quality, which helped the company quickly gain customer trust. Throughout the operation, new tractor models were made available. However, the great depression had a severe impact on the company, from which it was unable to recover and was later acquired by J.I. Case. This is one of the reasons that no tractor model offered by Rock Island is now in existence. The three tractor models offered by the brand included F 18-35, G2 15-25 and G 15-25. These machines had power ranging between 27 and 35 hp.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
G2 15-25 27 hp 1929 1932
F 18-35 38 hp 1927 1937
G 15-25 27 hp 1927 1928