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Rumely farm tractors

Rumely was a US-based agricultural equipment manufacturer located in La Porte, Indiana, that began manufacturing threshers in 1853. The company produced these items for a long time before entering the steam engine manufacturing market several decades later. It produced the first air-cooled engine-based tractor known as OilPull in 1910 which sported an internal combustion engine. Rumely entered a merger with a thresher producing company called Advance Thresher Company in 1911, thereafter its name was revised to Advance-Rumely. Advance-Rumely attempted to expand into the line of small tractor producers with its products named 6A and DoAll, but the efforts went futile. The company completely disappeared from the list of tractor manufacturers in 1931 when it got acquired by Allis-Chalmers that dropped the Rumely brand and offered all products under its own badging. A total of 16 different tractor models were presented by the company during the years of its operations. These machines varied in power from 22 to 84 hp and were thus considered as great options that catered to the needs of clients of different sizes and requirements. Some of the tractor models offered by Rumely to its customers included but were not limited to OilPull Z40/60, DoAll and 6A.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
6A 47 hp 1930 1931
DoAll 22 hp 1928 1931
OilPull F 15/30 33 hp 1911 1918
OilPull B 25/45 50 hp 1910 1912
OilPull E 30/60 84 hp 1910 1923