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Schilter farm tractors

Schilter was a Swedish equipment manufacturer that was founded in the 1950s to produce a wide range of equipment that could be used in hilly areas to make the lives of locals easier. In the early years, Schilter's primary focus was on truck manufacturing therefore in the 1950s, the company offered several truck models to customers. This aided Schilter's growth, however, it wasn't until the 1970s, after two decades of struggle, that the company was able to develop its own tractor. This was considered a significant moment for the company as it had been able to diversify its product line. However, the success was short-lived as the company could not survive the cut-throat competition. Thus, after a dramatic change in the company management, Schilter was shut down in the latter part of the same decade. During the production years of Schilter, the company was able to offer a total of 8 different tractor models to customers. These were compact machines with relatively lower power than the competing models offered by other brands, back in the day. This became one of the reasons that kept customers from buying Schilter branded tractors. Some of the tractor models offered by the brand to its customers included but were not limited to ST5500, UT7200 and Wiesel 226.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
UT3200 60 hp 1975 1975
ST11000 60 hp 1973 1973
ST5500 50 hp 1972 1972