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Silver King farm tractors

Silver King came into existence as a result of the dispute between Chrysler and Fate-Root-Heath. This disagreement centered on the use of the Plymouth brand name. Fate won the dispute because it had offered its vehicles under the branding long before Chrysler did. The Silver King brand name arose primarily as a result of the silver-colored paint used on these machines, which made them easily distinguishable even from a distance. During their heydays, these tractors were considered cutting-edge machines, loaded with technology that was well ahead of its time. The Silver King tractors were primarily used in industries, but a few farmers preferred them over competitor products. Due to the parent company's focus on automobile manufacturing, the Silver King tractor brand was sold to Mountain State Fabricating in 1954. However, this proved to be a dead-end for it, resultantly it soon vanished from the list of tractor manufacturing companies. During its years of operation, the company offered a total of 23 different tractor models to its customers, ranging in power from 20 to 37 hp. These small machines were popular among fans, but because the company ceased production a long time ago, there aren't many units left in a working state today.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
348 37 hp 1948 1948
347 24 hp 1947 1947
346 24 hp 1946 1946
345 24 hp 1945 1945
340 24 hp 1940 1945