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Swaraj farm tractors

Swaraj tractor design was the brainchild of the Indian Government’s Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), an agency that develops indigenous product designs which assist in the local manufacturing of innovative products. This is how Swaraj was brought to life. In 1970, the Punjab Tractor Company acquired this design and began producing tractors for the local market, which was a watershed moment for the brand. Over the years, this design assisted the company in establishing itself as a well-reputed brand that has now been able to come up with designs of its own. The resulting products are being sold not only in India but also globally. Throughout the company's history, it has offered a total of eight tractor models. This number may be much lower when compared to industry leaders, but also reflects Swaraj's position in a market that is characterized by fierce competition. The tractors offered by Swaraj range in power from 24 to 72 hp which illustrates that the primary focus of the brand has been on smaller farmers with less challenging requirements. Some of the tractor models offer by the company include but are not limited to 722, 855 and 978FE.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
733FE 34 hp 2000 2000
724FE 26 hp 1998 1998
722 24 hp 1995 1995