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The Empire Tractor Corporation farm tractors

The Empire Tractor Corporation initiated the production of its products in 1946 by offering simple and light-duty farm tractors to the locals of Pennsylvania. In the post WW II era, the company used engines from salvaged Willy’s jeeps for their tractors. This provided the Empire Tractor Corporation with a quick method of offering its products to the locals with minimal input. Another advantage of using these engines was that they had already stood the test of time and hence customers trusted the products due to their high quality. A major setback for the company however came in the form of low sale figures which could primarily be attributed to the high production costs of these tractors as compared to alternate options. Another complaint received from farmers was that these tractors were simply unable to deliver power where it mattered which rendered them unusable at times. A similar problem was faced by Willys-Overland when it had tried to manufacture tractors using the same jeep engines. In just 2 years the company had to stop its productions due to financial issues and thus filed for bankruptcy. A total of just 2 models were offered by the Empire Tractor Corporation, which included models 88 and 90, both of which had 40 hp engines.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
90 40 hp 1947 1948
88 40 hp 1946 1947