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Twin City farm tractors

Twin City was the tractor manufacturing venture of Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Company which was a company founded in 1902. However, it is pertinent to mention that Minneapolis Steel and Machinery Company’s forte lied not in this field but in the production of huge steel sections for structures like bridges. Therefore, the company entered the tractor manufacturing segment just to expand its line of business. In the initial years, Twin City started research and development of steam and gasoline engines. The major push for the company came when it got contracts from giants like Bull and Case, which aided it in setting itself up as the brand of choice for high-quality equipment. These machines were produced in addition to Twin City’s own products which proved to be a huge success in the days that followed. The parent company was transformed to Minneapolis-Moline after a merger in 1929, but the Twin City name was retained by the brand, which continued to produce tractors for a long time. A total of 15 different tractor models were produced by Twin City which had powers ranging between 22 and 105 hp. These machines were capable of carrying out all tasks that were required from them and this is one of the reasons behind their success. Some of the key models produced by Twin City included but were not limited to FTA, KTA and MTA.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
17-28 31 hp 1926 1935
20-35 38 hp 1920 1927
12-20 22 hp 1919 1926
16-30 33 hp 1918 1920
15-30 33 hp 1916 1919