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Tytan farm tractors

Tytan was the brainchild of Mark Leonard who is considered as one of the founding fathers of Rhino, another tractor supplier. Leonard is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of importing Chinese tractors into the US market. Tytan in addition to importing tractors from abroad also plays an active role in the designing and assembly of various tractor models. It is worth noting that Tytan uses several Chinese manufacturers for its products but does not reveal the source of these items, declaring this information to be highly confidential. According to sources, Tytan has a relationship with the Shandong Weitou Tractor factory, which supplies the majority of its products. The superior build quality of the products delivered by Tytan also aids the company in establishing its name as a brand that is renowned for delivering exceptional quality stuff. As a result, clients are confident about the performance of these products without being overly concerned about their origin. Throughout its many years of operation, the company has only been able to provide its customers with a total of nine tractor models. This figure is significantly lower when compared to competitors, and is one of the reasons why Tytan has been unable to match the rapid pace of its rivals. These machines varied in power from 30 to 85 hp and covered only the compact tractor segment. 304, 334 and 404 have been the key tractor models offered by Tytan to its customers.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
604 60 hp 2012 2023
754 75 hp 2012 2023
804 80 hp 2012 2023
854 85 hp 2012 2023
304 30 hp 2007 2010
334 33 hp 2007 2010
404 40 hp 2007 2010
406 40 hp 2007 2010
504 50 hp 2007 2010