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Unitrak farm tractors

Creussen Metal Works came up with a tractor manufacturing brand known as Unitrak that was founded in the year 1912. However, Unitrak wasn't able to produce any tractors within the next three decades of its operation and therefore tractors from the brand only made their presence after WW-II. These machines were highly distinct from the offerings of all major manufacturers back in the day as they offered a unique design of tractors that had never been seen or heard of before this. These machines consisted of two wheels at the front and a single one at the rear, which was used for steering the tractors. The model was distinctive and these tractors could easily be spotted even from a distance. This is why Unitrak gained fame however customers didn’t receive this new design well. The only tractor model offered by Unitrak was UD 12 which featured a 12 hp engine. This meant that tractors were manufactured only for the local farmers with limited needs. Thus, they could not compete against their powerful rivals.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
UD 12 12 hp 1949 1955