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Valmet farm tractors

Valmet differs from other ordinary manufacturers in the way that this Finnish state-owned tractor manufacturer did not start its operations by producing tractors. Rather, in the beginning, it operated as an arms manufacturer that was founded in 1951. The company started exporting its tractors in 1958. The brand’s success came so rapidly that within the next 2 years, it was able to set up its factory in Brazil. 1979 was a significant year for the company as it was in this year that it entered a partnership with the world-renowned automobile manufacturing brand Volvo and started offering tractors under the Volvo BM Valmet branding. In 1985, Valmet purchased the shares of Volvo and thus gained full control of the company. However, soon afterward it started collaborating with Massey Ferguson. After this, the Valmet tractors started being produced in the Massey Ferguson tractor manufacturing factory in France. Valmet had been a property of the Finnish government until 1993 when it was finally acquired by Sisu. However, this also meant that the tractors could no longer be manufactured under the Valmet branding, so the name was changed to Valtra. During the years of its operations, Valmet offered a total of 87 tractor models to its customers. These machines had power ranging in between 12 and 200 hp.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
255 53 hp 1992 1994
205 49 hp 1989 1991
20 22 hp 1955 1965
15 12 hp 1952 1962