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Valpadana farm tractors

Valpadana is an Italian manufacturer that started its business by producing motor cultivators in San Martino. In the initial years of production, the company had no focus on the manufacturing of tractors however by 1960 it had become able to produce its own tractors. The company currently operates with a workforce of more than 1500 employees that work day and night at its 4 different plants. It is also pertinent to mention that Valpadana is a subsidiary of the ARGO SpA group. A major turn of events took place in 1995 when Valpadana got acquired by Landini. However, the brand did not cease its operations and its tractors are still being manufactured today which are ideal for small farms due to their compact sizes. These tractors also performed significantly well in hilly areas and thus became the tractor of choice for most Italian customers seeking a reasonably priced alternative to expensive imported machinery. During the course of its operations, Valpadana produced a total of 22 tractor models that had powers ranging between 11 and 74 hp. This diverse range of power distribution enabled the company to get access to a wide range of customers. Some of the tractor models offered by Valpadana to its customers included but were not limited to 1015, 1020 and 6550.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
7060 55 hp 1984 1994
7070 68 hp 1984 1994