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Valtra farm tractors

Valtra is an agricultural machinery and tractor manufacturer that was founded in Finland more than 70 years ago in the year 1951. Back then it was named as Valmet. The company came into existence in the post-WW-II era from the remains of an ammunition producing factory. It currently has its headquarters based in Suolathi, Finland and operates as a subsidiary of AGCO, which is a giant in the agricultural machinery manufacturing segment. Although Valtra operates with a relatively small manpower of under 1000 staff members, the company’s income is more than €10 million annually. The first tractor of Valmet was presented with a 12 hp engine which over the course of the next 2 years evolved into the Valmet 15 model. A breakthrough came for Valmet in 1979 when it got itself into a partnership with Volvo and later started producing tractors with the name of Volvo BM Valmet Brand. However, in 1985 Valmet acquired the tractor manufacturing facility of Volvo and later entered an agreement with Massey Ferguson and started production of its tractors in France. The company was owned by the Finnish government until 1993. After which it got incorporated with Sisu to continue its operations under the Valtra branding. The company has offered a total of 113 tractor models to customers with power ranging from 52 to 395 horsepower. The main tractor models of the brand include but are not limited to A75, A82 and A92.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
3100 52 hp 2004 2008
3300 60 hp 2004 2008
3400 69 hp 2004 2008