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Ventrac farm tractors

Ventrac is a US tractor manufacturer based in Ohio that specializes in lawn and garden maintenance tractors. Even though North American customers already have a plethora of options for such products, the company has been able to establish itself as a brand of choice. Ventrac's origins can be traced back to Marvin Steiner's shop. The Steiner brand was sold in 1988, but a few members of the group went on to create a separate company called Ventrac. As a result, the Ventrac tractor manufacturing company unveiled its first product in 1998. The company’s tractors resembled the Steiner products in design but were presented under this new branding. A total of 12 different tractor models were offered by Ventrac. The company still presents these models to customers which have power ranging between 18 and 32 hp. These compact tractors are designed to meet the daily needs of the average US farmer and cannot compete with the power of other more powerful options on the market from competitive brands. However, the company's emphasis on superior build quality has been critical in paving the way for its success, and as a result, Ventrac tractors are considered durable and long-lasting. This has aided the brand in boosting its sales in the United States.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
2100C SSV 18 hp 2017 2023
4125 25 hp 2003 2012
4131 31 hp 2003 2012
4000 25 hp 1998 2002