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Versatile farm tractors

Versatile is a Canadian agricultural machinery manufacturer that was founded in 1966 to provide superior quality machines to the global market. The company remained under the ownership of Cornat Industries Incorporated from 1977 to 1987. Afterward, it became a subsidiary of New Holland and later went under the ownership of Buhler Industries. It was in this era that the Versatile brand vanished from the market. Finally, the company came under the parenthood of Russian based Combine Factory Rostselmash Ltd in 2007 which restored the brand to its original name. The main products of the company are its large row crop and 4WD tractors which excel in putting power to the ground and have brought Versatile to the limelight. The unique attribute of Versatile tractors is their optional suspended axle that plays a pivotal role in increasing traction. Besides this, these tractors feature extremely comfortable cabins for added user comfort thereby mitigating the exhaustion faced during the operation of other tractor brands. Versatile has offered a total of 94 tractor models to customers with power ranging from 71 to 605 horsepower. The company is therefore capable of not only addressing the needs of small farmers but also produces tractors aimed at performing tasks requiring substantial power.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
1080 Big Roy 600 hp 1977 2024
150 71 hp 1977 1981
118 118 hp 1967 1971
125 125 hp 1967 1968
145 145 hp 1967 1971