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Volvo farm tractors

Volvo, which is now regarded as a premium quality luxury automobile manufacturer, used to manufacture tractors a few decades ago. The company entered this field in 1943 when it formed a partnership with Bolinder-Munktell, a Swedish tractor manufacturer. A major turning point occurred in 1950 when Volvo acquired its partner, and the Bolinder-Munktell-Volvo brand continued to offer its products as separate brands until 1957. Recognizing the need to include the prominent Volvo name in the brand, it was rebadged to Volvo BM in 1973. However, when the company formed a joint venture with Valmet in 1978, things took a new turn. When Volvo sold its shares to Valtra in 1985, the Volvo brand name vanished from the list of tractor manufacturers. Throughout all of these acquisitions and ownership changes, Volvo provided customers with a total of 42 tractor models. The power of these machines ranged from 22 to 155 hp. This meant that the company had something for almost everyone, which is why it was able to survive in this highly competitive market for nearly four decades. Some of the tractor models offered by Volvo included but were not limited to 470, 2204 and T42.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
2204 56 hp 1979 1981
2250 68 hp 1978 1981
2200 56 hp 1978 1981
471 75 hp 1962 1963
470 79 hp 1959 1966