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White farm tractors

The White Farm Equipment company was conceived in 1969. It was originated by the White Motor Company that had previously acquired two other firms which included Oliver and Cockshutt, in 1960 and also acquired the Minneapolis-Moline in 1963. Its headquarters were based in Ohio. The White Farm Equipment Company was purchased by the industry juggernaut AGCO in 1991, and tractors under the AGCO-White branding were manufactured for the next decade. However, White tractor production was completely terminated in 2001. Throughout its years of operation, the White Farm Equipment Company provided its customers with a total of 69 different tractor models. The horsepower of these tractors ranged from 16 to 270 hp. This enabled the company to target a diverse range of customers who required tractors not only for simple tasks but also for more challenging jobs requiring significant power. The silver-colored White tractors were easily distinguishable even from a distance, and its Field Boss line received positive feedback from customers all over the world. Some of the important tractor models that the company presented included but were not limited to 140, 145 and 160.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
2-32 33 hp 1984 1986
2-30 30 hp 1979 1984
2-35 34 hp 1979 1984