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Yamaha farm tractors

Yamaha which is also known as Yamaha Motor Company was founded more than 66 years ago back in 1955. The company currently operates from its headquarters based in Iwata Japan and employs more than 52000 staff members that work day and night to offer various high-quality products for the local and global markets. A small portion of the company is also presently owned by Toyota, the world-famous automobile manufacturer. Yamaha produces a wide array of products that include motorbikes, small tractors, automobile engines, boats, snowmobiles and power-assisted bikes. The company's first product was a 125cc engine that was installed in a racing bike that won all three top spots in a national bike racing competition held in 1955. Following this, the company received a boost, allowing it to flourish in the right direction. The company's main focus has been its motorcycle division, but several lawn tractors and lawnmowers have also been offered to customers, which has helped the company to establish itself as a trendsetter in this field over the years. Yamaha's tractor manufacturing segment is now overshadowed by other products, and the company's name is rarely found on a list of tractor manufacturers.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
YT5700 16 hp 1990 1991
YT6700 18 hp 1990 1992
YT6800 18 hp 1989 1992
YT3600 12 hp 1988 1992