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Yanmar farm tractors

Yanmar is a Japanese manufacturer that was founded in 1912 but initially, the company focused on the production of diesel engines. It entered the agricultural machines segment in 1961 and has since then made its mark in this category by offering state of the art machines that have received accolades around the world. The turning point of the brand however came in the 1980s when it came into an agreement with John Deere who is another main figure in this segment. After this, Yanmar started the manufacturing of several utility tractor models. Even today, Yanmar continues to offer its services to John Deere by providing its engines for the various tractors of John Deere. The Yanmar tractors are usually imported in the North American market primarily because of their superior quality and comparatively low cost as compared to rivals. In 2006 Yanmar entered into an agreement with MTD however after just five years this agreement became null and void. Since its conception, Yanmar has offered 220 tractor models to its customers. These machines vary in power from 10 to 90 hp.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
221 21 hp 2014 2024
324 23 hp 2014 2024
424 23 hp 2014 2024