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Zetor Zebra farm tractors

American Jawa offered tractors under the Zebra branding in North America. Under this brand name, the company imported Zetor tractors into the country and then sold them off at premium margins. The business did pretty well in the mid-90s as tractor sales soared back then. Even though the nomenclature suggests a relationship between Zetor and Zebra, in reality, the two had nothing in common and Zetor was simply a model offered by Zebra. These tractors were produced at low costs by combining various parts from Indian and Czechoslovakian brands. As a result, Zetor Zebra was able to quickly gain customers who were looking for an alternative to the expensive imported machines. Finally, American Jawa began importing TYM tractors into the country, dealing a severe blow to the Zetor brand, which eventually ceased operations within a decade. Throughout the years of production, five different tractor models having horsepower ranging from 25 to 37 were offered which made them compact machines that were designed primarily with small farmers in focus. The tractor models offered by Zetor Zebra included but were not limited to 4522, 3520 and 3522.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
2040 23 hp 1995 1995
2520 25 hp 1992 1997
2522 25 hp 1992 1997
3520 35 hp 1992 1997
3522 35 hp 1992 1997
4522 45 hp 1992 1997