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Apollo farm tractors

Apollo was a tractor supplier based in Australia that was a subsidiary of Sota Tractors, which used to import and face-lift used tractors from the Asian market and sell them to the local customers earning quick premium. Sota Tractors, on the other hand, developed the Apollo brand for importing new tractors into the country. This brand was created to distinguish these new machines from the used equipment imported by Sota. The new tractors were manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer Changfa and were rebadged for being presented to Australian customers. Apollo presented a total of six different tractor models. This figure was much lower than what competitors were offering, which is why Apollo was never able to break into the spotlight. These machines ranged in power from 25 to 110 horsepower which made them a part of the compact tractor segment. Some of the tractor models offered by the company included but were not limited to 254, 354 and 454. It is worth noting that Apollo and Sota could never join the ranks of Australia's major tractor importers because they only operated on a small scale.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
254 25 hp 2012 2024
354 35 hp 2010 2024
454 45 hp 2009 2019