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CaseIH farm tractors

CaseIH's history is unique in that it involves Tennaco Corporation, which created this brand of agricultural products in 1985 after taking over the tractor division of International Harvester. It is worth noting that Tennaco Corporation previously purchased J.I Case in 1967. Case products eventually took over the production of IH tractor models. In 1999, CaseIH merged with New Holland, which was another significant event for the company. As a result, CNH Global was formed, an industry behemoth that now serves thousands of customers worldwide. However, CNH Global did not discontinue the CaseIH line of tractors and thus these machines are still in operation. During its production years, CaseIH has offered a total of 468 tractor models to its customers. This number is so gargantuan that it easily dwarfs all competitors by a huge margin. The tractors produced by CaseIH vary in power from 16 to 620 hp which means that the company not only focuses on small farmers but is also engaged in catering to the needs of more challenging clients with a bigger set of requirements. Some of the tractor models offered by CaseIH include but are not limited to 234, 235 and 244.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Steiger 620 Quadtrac 620 hp 2014 2023
235 18 hp 1986 1990
234 16 hp 1985 1986
244 20 hp 1982 1986