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David Brown farm tractors

David Brown was an English tractor manufacturer named after its founder, who founded the company in 1860. Initially, the company produced gears, but after forming a partnership with Harry Ferguson in 1936, the company began manufacturing tractors. This collaboration resulted in the preparation of 1350 Harry Brown tractors. The collaboration was short-lived, and Harry Brown later moved to the United States to collaborate with Ford. This enabled David Brown to create the VAK1 in 1939, the brand's first tractor. Initially, orders totaling 3000 tractors were received, but due to the outbreak of WW-II, they were reduced to 1000. Manufacturing suffered during the war, reducing the number of tractors produced each year which adversely affected the company. Tenneco acquired David Brown in 1972, and by 1983, the David Brown brand had vanished from tractors that were now manufactured under the CASE brand. In 1988, the factory located in Meltham, where all of the David Brown tractors were once produced, stopped its operations. The company offered 34 tractor models during the approximate 4 decades of its operation. These machines ranged in power from 14 to 100 hp. Some of the famous models of the brand included but were not limited to 1490, 1690 and 3800.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
2D 14 hp 1956 1961
50TD 50 hp 1953 1958
25 32 hp 1953 1958
30 34 hp 1953 1957
50D 50 hp 1953 1958