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Fordson farm tractors

Fordson was a tractor manufacturer based in the United States that was essentially the tractor manufacturing division of the Ford Motor Company in the early twentieth century. When the company produced tractors in its US manufacturing facility, this name was used. The Fordson brand was initiated by Henry Ford in 1917 and became a huge success primarily due to the low production costs of these locally manufactured machines. This boosted the company's sales, which resulted in a year after year growth for the brand. However, in 1928, Fordson decided to move tractor production to the United Kingdom, where the company remained in business under this same name until 1964. This year, the company merged it's North American and European production lines under the globally recognized Ford brand. Throughout its four decades of operation, Fordson provided customers with a total of ten tractor models ranging in power from 20 to 54 hp. These were small machines that couldn't compete with the power of larger, more commanding technologies from other manufacturers. However, because they fully fulfilled their clients' expectations, they were loved throughout the years of operation of the brand.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Farm Major 42 hp 1959 1962
Dexta 32 hp 1958 1961
All-Around 25 hp 1937 1945