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Long Agribusiness farm tractors

Long Agribusiness was a US-based tractor manufacturing company that was founded in 1941 and operated from its headquarters based in North Carolina, USA. The company produced it’s first-ever tractor in 1948. However, soon afterward, it decided not to manufacture its own products and thus later started importing the completely built units produced by Uzina Tractorul Brasov (UTB). Long also provided some Landini models to its customers. The company experienced severe turbulence in the 1980s, and it declared bankruptcy in 1985. Long Agribusiness's diehard fans were ecstatic when, as a result of some sturdy reorganisation, it made a strong comeback within two years. A major turn of events took place for the company in 1998 when the India based Escort Group acquired it. It was in this year that the Long Agribusiness brand disappeared from the list of tractor manufacturers and its place was taken by Farmtrac which also ceased its operations in 2008. Over the course of its operations, Long Agribusiness offered a total of 33 tractors under its name which were liked by customers around the globe. These tractors ranged in power in between 26 and 120 horsepower which meant that all customers regardless of their size got a product fulfilling their needs. Some of the tractor models offered by Long Agribusiness included but were not limited to 360, 410 and 455.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
320 32 hp 1999 2003
260 26 hp 1980 1990
310 31 hp 1980 1990
350 35 hp 1974 1976