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Steiner farm tractors

Steiner is a US-based tractor manufacturer that has its roots in Wayne County, Ohio. The primary attribute that distinguishes this brand from several other companies is the heritage it possesses in this domain. Resultantly, the Steiner tractor depicts a superior class which is very difficult to match. The first tractor produced by the company was not just any conventional machine that rolled out of a factory. Rather, it was hand-built with extreme precision to cater to the needs and wants of the customers. Unlike other manufacturers who treat a product as if it were just another item waiting to be delivered, Steiner takes its products seriously by paying attention to details, which complements the company's diverse background. Steiner tractors are particularly magnificent in the sense that they are designed with rough terrain and farmer difficulties in mind. As a result, a Steiner tractor is much more robust and reliable. The company carries the tagline “We build the kind of machine you’d build for yourself” and this is why customers love the products offered by the company. Because of its extreme off-road capabilities, the Steiner 450 tractor is known as the "King of the Hill." Aside from that, customers can install up to 30 implement options on these tractors, boosting their efficacy.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
230 28 hp 1998 2006
202 20 hp 1994 2000
410 16 hp 1992 2002
220 220 1988 1997